Progress you can count on

Our team has a commitment to progress,
positioned the City for prosperity,
 and is investing in people.


Proven Progress

Your present Common Council has a proven track record of moving our city forward and preparing for a prosperous economic and social future.

Financial Oversight

Your taxes are lower today because of our diligent economic and fiscal management. We will continue to keep taxes low and still provide the improved city services you’ve come to expect.

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Peekskill has been awarded $3.4 million in grant money thanks to our aggressive appeals to NYS and the Fed. This will allow us to provide you with infrastructure upgrades throughout the city.

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The city has partnered with Sustainable Westchester Inc. and Solarize Westchester to reduce all our energy costs—residential and commercial—and go green through the bulk purchase of renewable produced energy.

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Public Safety

Since 2018, arrests in Peekskill are down 17%, violent crimes are down 41%, and property crimes are down 39%. Our newly completed central fire house has allowed us to hire additional fire fighters, and our EMS and ambulance corps are all doing a great job protecting the public.

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Quality of Life

Quality of life projects to improve daily living are in evident progress with our City Streetscape beautification program and improved Parks maintenance.

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Open Doors

From the beginning of his tenure, Mayor Rainey has had an “open door” policy for all Peekskill residents to voice their concerns about our city. The entire council encourages the public to engage with City Hall and be a part of the solution to make Peekskill a place where everyone feels heard.

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Positioned for Prosperity

We have created a community in which everyone, including young families, can live, work and play—and it is paying off in increased commercial and residential development.


Our Downtown continues to be a vibrant place for dining, nightlife, music, art, entertainment, and retail shops. The Downtown has become the heart of our city and attracts thousands each year to visit the many unique attractions that makes Peekskill special.

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We completed Peekskill Landing, the Southern Trailway, the Travis Cove Trailway, and revitalized the riverfront. We have attracted boaters, fishing enthusiasts, outdoor sportspeople, and lovers of the Hudson River to our banks. More than ever, there’s plenty to do and see on our riverfront.

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Parks & rec

We’ve planned an expansion and renovation of Fort Hill Park with 52 acres of hiking trails, river, and city overlooks—with parking! From the casual family walkers to experienced joggers to seasoned hikers, Peekskill is becoming a haven for pedestrian traffic. We also negotiated with Ginsberg Development to completely renovate Lepore Park.

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Commercial growth

More than 20 small businesses have opened in Peekskill since 2018—and many more are coming. Land that has remained fallow for years is finally being developed, and with the influx of new business, our tax base is becoming more stable, property values are increasing, and more local jobs are becoming available.

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Industrial Growth

We have partnered with significant industry leaders to bring their base of operations to Peekskill, including Bre Pettis’ Bantham Tools, Thompson’s Cider Mill, and JP McHale to name only a few.

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Residential Growth

We are thrilled with the new housing being built by developers here in Peekskill: The Gateway Townhomes, Fort Hill, The Lofts, One Park Place, and others are creating both market rate and affordable housing to Peekskill, bringing the residential density to our city needed to grow businesses, our tax base, and bring vitalization to our community.

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Investing in People

Our Mayor and 2019 Democratic Slate has grown a greater and more diverse group of community stakeholders than ever before.

Listening to You

We want to ensure your voice and concerns will be heard about local issues.

encouraging civility

We encourage civil dialogue and respect for all segments of our diverse population.


We want to engender a spirit of openness between City Hall, you and your family.