Meet the Candidates

Your Peekskill Progress Team has been working tirelessly for you—some for years. Get to know them.

Andre Rainey


“Build bridges not walls.”

Mayor Rainey’s positive approach and his focus on collaboration, inclusiveness, and good fiscal management have generated a growth boom in the City of Peekskill. Long awaited shovels have finally hit the ground and new developments are underway. In the past two years, tens of millions of dollars in private development, including 16 new condominiums, more than 180 mixed-income and luxury apartments, and a few thousand square feet of new retail space have been completed. Add to this, another 200+ market rate and mixed-income apartments, a boutique hotel and spa and close to 10,000 sq ft of new commercial space currently in process, the new hi-tech/clean energy businesses that have moved into Peekskill, and Mayor Rainey’s commitment to “going green” and empowering our youth, and you’ll know why there is such a positive buzz about Peekskill. Let’s continue with progress we can depend on.

Mayor Rainey is a Peekskill native, a graduate of PHS, an entertainer and entrepreneur, and a proud father of two.

Kathie Talbot


An eight year Council veteran, Kathie is passionate about sustainability, responsible development, low taxes, civility and the arts.

Dedicated to renewable energy, she expanded the Conservation Advisory Council and spearheaded the effort to adopt CCA, a renewable energy buying program that reduces residents’ electricity costs.

Kathie is proud of her role in developing Peekskill Landing and the Southern Waterfront Trail, combining arts, recreation, and open space to increase tourism and economic development along the river.

Also, concerned about growing gun violence, she enlisted the Police Chief and business leaders to raise a record amount of money for a successful gun buy-back program.

Kathie served on the boards of the Peekskill Arts Alliance and Paramount Center for the Arts and was Council liaison to the Business Improvement District. Previously president of Talbot Productions Inc., she is currently a clinical social worker with a Masters degree from Fordham. Kathie is also a member of the NAACP and NASW, a proffessional association. A life-long resident and homeowner, she has a married son, Bryan, and three grandchildren.

Vivian McKenzie


Councilwoman McKenzie brings a common-sense approach to city finance, understands the importance of keeping taxes low and improving city services, and has a straight-talking no-nonsense style that cuts through the politics.

Focused on economic development to stabilize our tax base, provide more jobs, and create a bustling downtown, Vivian currently sits on the board of the Hudson Valley Chamber of Commerce and is the Council’s liaison to Peekskill’s Industrial Development Agency. She owns and operates Kathleen’s Tea Room, is a past board member of Peekskill’s Business Improvement District and, for more than 20 years, worked as an insurance Claims Adjuster, Fraud Adjuster, Special Investigator and Territory Sales Manager for a multi-million-dollar district.

A lifelong resident of Peekskill, Vivian is a member of Park Street A.M.E. Zion Church, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Westchester Black Women’s Political Caucus and the NAACP, and was a former Girl Scout leader. She holds a BS in Management from SUNY Binghamton.

Patricia Riley


Patricia is a lifelong resident of Peekskill, and an advocate for labor, working families, youth and seniors.

Being mindful of the community, Patricia understands the importance of keeping taxes low, providing quality city services, attracting industries and jobs that provide a living wage, and retaining and attracting young families to Peekskill. She is the Council’s liaison to the Senior’s, making sure that their voices are heard, and their needs are met.

She also serves on the Peekskill School District’s Core Planning Team, knowing that strong schools make a strong city.

Patricia was an educator for 32 years and taught at George Washington Elementary School in the Lakeland School District. She was also a union representative for the Lakeland Federation of Teachers for 29 years.

Patricia’s parents, Patsy and Elsa Salvate, emigrated from Italy and instilled in her the importance of hard work and community. Patricia lives on Ringgold Street with her husband Kevin and their two cats.